18 October 2012

Reviews | Obstetricians | Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Kuala Lumpur

List of reviews of Obstetric procedures in Pantai Hospital (Bangsar) Kuala Lumpur

Jul 2012 - RM5900 Pantai Bangsar; for baby and mummy.
Induce for one day, stay 2 nights at hospital including inducement ...
full blast on epidural, natural …service very good. nurses are very supportive and understanding. perhaps that's what i pay for...

Mar 2012 - "For C section is about rm11k"

Feb 2012 - "Dr Choong from Bangsar Pantai does water birth. Heard the his interview over the radio recently that it cost approx. RM 5-6K. Dr Choong also encourages natural birth and is quite accommodative with parent's birth plan."

Dec 2011 - Pantai Kuala Lumpur. Admitted & delivered in midnight
- stayed one night, normal birth (no epidural, no vacuum, no pain relief)
Total charges around RM2600 (mother) + RM900 (newborn)

Nov 2011 - "we were recommended to see Dr. Paul Ng in Pantai Hospital Bangsar. According to some reviews, his queue is shorter (hence very suitable for working woman like me) and his charges is 1/3 of Dr. Guna's..."

Sep 2011 - "You may contact Dr Idora from Pantai Bangsar, she is a very experience Gynae the only bad thing is too many people seeing her. She is highly recommended."

April 2011 - Pantai Hill Park Bangsar
Delivery Date - April 10, 2011, Normal Delivery + Vacuum + Emergency C-Section
4 Days / 3 Nights - Private Single Room
Mommy Bill - RM 9,8++
Baby Bill - RM 1,7++
Total Bill - RM 11, 5++
Pantai Amex Discount - RM 7++
Paid Amount - RM 10,8++

Compare with Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur:

From Lowyat.net; Oct 2009

“Cost for 4 days 3 nights normal delivery (with vacuum) charges in Gleneagles Intan
Just to share this info for those that may wish to go there next time.

The bill is separated by mother and child.

Mother's charges
Hospital Room Charges:-
Single Executive (RM693)

Hospital Services Charges:-
Central Sterile Supplies Dept (RM886.30)
Medical Equipment Rental (RM155)
I.V. Fluids (RM48.70)
Labour & Delivery (RM376)
Medical Records Fee (RM25)
Nursing Procedures Fees (RM328)
Pharmacy (RM62)

Consultation/Procedure Charges for Consultants:-
G. Ward Visit (RM270)
Initial Consultation (RM180)
Forceps/Vacuum Extraction (RM925)
Oxytocic Induction of Lacour (RM200)

Total: RM4,805.40

Baby's charges
Hospital Room Charges:-
Nursery (RM126)

Hospital Services Charges:-
Central Sterile Supplies Dept (RM96.60)
Medical Equipment Rental (RM46)
Laboratory (RM187)
Medical Record Fees (RM25)
Nursing Procedures Fees (RM49)
Pharmacy RM56)

Consultation/Procedure Charges for Consultants:-
G. Ward Visit (RM180)
Newborn Screening (RM150)
Automated Auditory Brainstem R (RM70)

Total: RM985.60

Grand Total: RM5,791.00)”
Source: http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/1198935/+80
Pantai vs Gleneagles (Price) | Commentary
The total bill for a normal delivery in Pantai Bangsar (Jul 2012) was RM5,900. The bill in April 2011 review (Pantai) was RM10,8++ vs the bill in Oct 2009 review (Gleneagles) was RM 5,791. Please take note this is not an apple to apple comparison as the delivery in Pantai was an  'emergency C-section' whereas the delivery in Gleneagles was a 'Forcep' delivery. An emergency C-section procedure is normally more expensive than a 'Forcep' delivery. However, both the itemized bills are worthy of your consideration, thanks to the contributors.

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