28 July 2012

Skin Specialists in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan | Dermatologists

Skin Specialists Seremban

Skin Specialists or dermatologists are medically qualified doctors who provide a range of skin care services from treating simple skin conditions to diagnosis and management of more complicated skin cases such as:
Acne, advice on cosmetics, psoriasis, skin cancer, dermatitis, dry skin, rosacea, skin pigmentation etc.

Dr Najeeb Ahmad b. Mohd. Safdar
Jabatan Dermatologi 
Hospital Seremban 
Tel: 06-7623-333 
Fax: 06-7625-771
Dr Shaukat Ali Badsha
Badsha Specialist Skin Clinic 
122 Jalan Yam Tuan 
70000 Seremban 
Negeri Sembilan 
Tel: 06-763-4848 
Fax: 06-763-4848

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